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Comprehensive protection for warehouse exposures.
Designed specifically for your business, Avalonís strong programs are tailored to warehouse operators.

Cargo Insurance/Bailee
Secure the goods in your warehouse with industry-leading protection. Avalon provides options for open cargo policies, Bailee, project shipments and long-term warehouse storage.

Professional Liability Insurance
What happens if youíre sued for a distribution error, such as accidentally shipping an incorrect number of pieces or co-mingling freight? What if youíre held liable for theft? Would you know what to do? Costs to defend a claim can actually exceed the amount being claimed. The right coverage keeps your business successful. Rely on Avalon for protection and stability.

Business Insurance
Warehousing companies canít afford to have the shipping process stalled. If your facility is damaged, itís important to rebuild or repair quickly. In addition to Property & Casualty coverage, we offer Workersí Compensation, Umbrella, Commercial Auto and Executive Protection.

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