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Just one minor mistake can result in a major loss.
With ever-changing government regulations and high courtroom settlements, companies face increasing financial exposure. Avalon’s Combined Transit Liability (CTL) Program protects your business assets and provides legal defense when you need it most. Our base CTL program includes:

Errors & Omissions
Covers liability from a financial loss sustained by your customer as a result of your negligent act, error or omission. An “error” what you did that caused or contributed to the loss. An “omission” is what you left out or forgot to do that caused or contributed to the loss.

Cargo Legal Liability
Coverage for physical loss or damage to cargo while shipped under your house bill of lading, house air waybill, freight receipt or domestic bill of lading. For property brokers, coverage is offered on a contingent basis.

Policies may also be tailored with multiple coverage options:

     •  Regulatory Defense

     •  Special Contracts Coverage

     •  First Dollar Defense

     •  Worldwide Defense

     •  Contingent Cargo Legal Liability

     •  Third-Party Liability

     •  Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability

     •  Warehouse Legal Liability

     •  Prior Acts Coverage

     •  Pollution Cleanup

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