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Keep the focus on your business, while Avalon covers your exposures as an NVOCC.
Just one minor error can result in substantial cargo damage or a costly lawsuit that can virtually put you out of business. With our strong programs and seamless coverage, your NVOCC operations stay secure.

Surety Bonds
When you let Avalon provide your required OTI bond and C3 (AMS) bond, you know you’re in compliance.

Cargo Insurance
Damage, collisions and improper handling happen every day. Provide peace of mind and offer industry-leading coverage for goods in transit. Coordinating insurance for your customers is easy and efficient with our quick Merlin technology.

Professional Liability Insurance
Mistakes happen. Freight can be shipped to the wrong destination or a shipment can be released to the wrong party. How will your business respond if it’s held responsible? Avalon’s Combined Transit Liability (CTL) program includes important clauses for NVOCCs, such as Abandoned Cargo Coverage, which protects you in the event you’re held responsible for demurrage, storage, port or forwarding charges.

Business Insurance
We’re experts in minimizing your business risks. In addition to Property & Casualty Insurance, we offer Workers’ Compensation, Umbrella, Commercial Auto and Executive Protection.

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