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Stay ahead of the curve with Avalonís premier Customs bond program.
Thereís a reason CBP chose us to test pilot their surety technology – weíre experts in keeping the Customs bond process easy and efficient. With Avalon, you receive innovative technology, high levels of service and strong value-added services:

  • Our Centralized Bond Unit submits thousands of documents to CBP each year with unparalleled accuracy and can seamlessly transition bonds from your current surety. Through our Web Merlin™ secure Internet portal and the CBU, Avalon has consistently maintained the lowest rejection rates in the industry for new continuous and ISF bond filings.

  • Web Merlin is the best and most cutting-edge surety technology for customs brokers. We continually release software updates with new features and enhancements, based on your feedback.

  • Generate useful Customs bond reports to support importer compliance, including ISF data and bond aggregation. Our reports also monitor your companyís growth to help you increase brokerage sales.

  • Participate in our local training for CCS/CES credit and use Avalonís marketing support to keep your revenue streams flowing.

  • Support client retention through our exclusive value-added services, including importer identity fraud alerts, automated email notifications for bond insufficiency and more.

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